Summertime – It's Not Just for Vacations Anymore

I fondly recall summertime when I was a kid – two months of no school & lots of fun, free time and sleeping in.   As a teenager and then young adult in University,  I loved summer time as the two to four months when I could earn a lot of money … and spend it as well.

If I were a teacher I suppose I would still fondly look forward to summer for the same reasons I did as a kid; however, everyone  who knows me realizes that I am much better suited for litigation than shaping a gaggle of young minds.

As a Business Trial Lawyer,  summer is a time when Trials are generally not scheduled as it is too hard to pin witnesses down.    With Trials waiting until cooler weather, this is a great time of year to get the groundwork done for matters that will be addressed in the fall – so there are many cross-examinations and discoveries going on in the firm right now.

A bit of a twist this summer, likely due to the economic downturn, is the number of new law suits we’re starting – many clients realize that the fortunes of their debtors are not going to improve with time, so it’s time to sue to get paid.

Of course, summer is not just for work.  Mirvish Productions is featuring Legally Blonde this summer and for some reason, many clients have suggested that I take in the show  – I’m pretending that’s a good thing.

 Inga B. Andriessen, Sr. Lawyer