That Fall Feeling

As August draws to a close, even if you don’t have school aged kids, it still usually feels like “back to school” which brings on that Fall Feeling.   We’re having that big time at the firm right now.

This past Friday our firm said farewell to our Receptionist/File Clerk Victoria.   Victoria starts her first year at Osgoode Hall Law School next month.  This is fantastic for her & I’m proud of her, though recognize her first day of law school will be very different than my first day.   I fondly recall day one at Osgoode, I met so many people who became friends and remain so today.  I cannot imagine how I would have made those connections virtually, but such is life in a pandemic.

As we said goodbye to Victoria, we said hello to Anisha who takes over the role.  Anisha is another amazing woman: she is completing her second year of her paralegal diploma, virtually of course, as she joins our firm.  We’ll have a photo and biography up of Anisha shortly, but lets just say it will involve planes, because in addition to everything else, she is a pilot. 

Totally unrelated, anyone know a good place to get a plane we can do up with Andriessen & Associates Branding?

Cheers to new beginnings for both Victoria & Anisha. 

Inga B. Andriessen, JD