The Airing of the Grievances !

I’m feeling in a “Festivus” mood – if you didn’t watch Seinfeld, Google it, then come back. The specific part of Festivus I’m in the mood for is the airing of grievances, so let’s all gather around the Festivus pole, tired after the feats of strength and begin: “I gotta problem with you people” …..

1. The overly sensitive nature of our society. Christie Blatchford, excellent columnist and sensible woman, said it best in this column:

2. Lawyers who don’t put the client first: this is particularly true for many lawyers looking for work/life balance. Never forget that there is “work” in that equation and if you are too busy for a file turn it away: you must put the client first.

3. Those who believe Trump’s election is a licence to be racist, chauvinistic and homophobic. It’s not.

Three grievances seems like the right place to stop.

Happy week between Christmas & New Years !

Inga B. Andriessen JD