The Benefits of Teaching

I recently had lunch with a colleague who often teaches a University class.  While I have yet to teach an entire semester, I do enjoy speaking to classes as a guest speaker and I enjoy working with Law Practice Program Candidates and High School students in my role as OJEN-Halton Chair.

We both shared similar benefits we received from working with students and some may surprise you:

  1. We’re at the top of our game when we teach classes – nothing makes you learn a subject more thoroughly than teaching it to others;
  2. We leave a lecture energized by the curiosity and engagement of the students;
  3. We make connections that ultimately are permanent connections – students come back as business contacts;
  4. We are forced to be up to date on the latest IT applications in our field; and,
  5. We see areas of law through new lenses.

The negatives of teaching: the marking, always the marking, just ask a High School teacher about that  this time of year.

While the motto “those who can, do and those who cannot each” may apply to some people.  Doing both teaching and doing at the same time can lead to many rewards on both sides of the lectern.

Inga B. Andriessen JD