The Good Lawyer – Part 2

Here we are again for another installment of “The Good Lawyer” …Yes, the wait is over!

Last time, we began our discussion on what it takes to be a great lawyer by looking at the importance of communication.

Today’s trait of choice is …RESOURCEFULNESS.

Most people only need a lawyer when they are having legal problems. Lawyers are the ones you expect to have all the answers to your legal troubles. Some of you may be surprised to know this, but a great lawyer isn’t one who knows all the answers, a great lawyer is someone who knows where and how to look for the answers. Sometimes this means hitting the books and burning the midnight oil, other times it means reaching out to a network of experts. Yes, in this case, connections do matter!

Being resourceful also means looking at a legal problem and carving out a unique solution. At our firm, we recognize that all legal problems are different and that standard cookie-cutter approaches are not the way to go. Thinking outside of the box is key.

Resourcefulness in a lawyer should take them beyond just providing legal services. A resourceful lawyer is someone who doesn’t blindly take instructions from their clients but instead, where appropriate, offers creative alternatives that better serve their client’s needs.

To sum up, when sizing up your legal representation, remember: truly resourceful lawyers have great research skills, connections to a network of helpful experts, and creative approaches to handling your legal problems.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our segment on “The Good Lawyer.”

Robin K. Mann, JD

Associate Lawyer,