The Holi-Blog

I may have been binge watching too many holiday themed Netflix movies lately given the title I chose for this week’s Blog, but hey, it’s 4 days before Christmas, so if not now, when?

As I reflect on what Business Law info you absolutely, positively, must have this week, I kind of don’t want to share it.  Why?  Well, it’s not fun news, it’s pandemic Business Law news. Of course, we’re not in the business of fun, so let’s dive in.

 As at the time of writing this Blog, Omicron is bullying Delta out of the way for top honours as the most transmissible variant of 2021.  It’s exhausting.  Not only are we all learning the science of viruses in real time (I stopped taking biology after grade 8 I have more to learn than most) but our governments are responding to the science in real-time.

This is translating into new laws, regulations and generally rules we need to be aware about.

Work from home (“WFH”) is just recommended for now.  If this works for your business, then making the change now will help avoid lockdowns in the new year.  If you choose not to WFH, make sure you are masking, unless eating or drinking, socially distancing in your workplace and if possible, have extra ventilation to slow the spread.

As employers, make sure you know if employees have left the country and if they need to quarantine coming back, meaning they must WFH until the quarantine is done.

Keep in mind free rapid testing kits are available to most employers in Ontario: you don’t need to stock up from the LCBO, which are intended for consumers.

Our firm will continue to monitor changes over the holidays and update clients as required.

I feel I should end this with a happy holidays sign-off, but who are we kidding.  Keep your heads down, stay positive, test negative.

Inga B. Andriessen, Grinch