The Last Blog of 2020

I must have made the naughty list this year as I’m the one writing the final blog of 2020 for the firm.

It’s been a year.  Thankfully, with the vaccines, there is hope that by December 31, 2020 we may be thankful for in person celebrations again at that time.

From a business law perspective 2020 has had some positives.  Specifically:

  1. Virtual Court Appearances and Discoveries have allowed us to work efficiently and they appear to be here to stay!
  2. We can serve documents by email on other parties …. No more faxing required !
  3. We can commission affidavits by video – so much simpler for everyone.

I definitely wouldn’t wish a pandemic on anyone, but it did show us that things we were told “would take a long time” could actually happen quickly.

As Ontario is now in lock down and so many people are “over it” I encourage you all to do your best to help stop the spread of Covid.  

I would love to think that 2021 will be the year we will fight Covid united and not each other, but that doesn’t appear how its going to be, given the number of anti-masker issues we’re dealing with on behalf of clients.

So.  2021.  The devil we know had better not be better than the devil we don’t know.

Crossing my fingers !

Inga B. Andriessen, Principal Lawyer