The Most Reliable Law Firm Ever

Have you been following this ridiculous Rogers/Bell/Telus wars regarding ” the most reliable ” title ?

Wow. A tonne of legal fees have been spent on this and at the end of the day – how important is this victory?

Most business people I speak to are not swayed by advertising on cell phone plans/networks at all – they are swayed by word of mouth – finding out which plan works best for those whose cell phones appear to have good coverage.

The point of this blog is not to talk about cell phone companies (though I love my Fido) – but to point out that sometimes it’s only the lawyers who win – and aside from us, who really wants the lawyers to win?

When considering litigation that is not due to breach of contract, but more based on ” principle ” you must stop and ask, what tangible benefit is going to be recovered? This doesn’t just have to be money, but you do need to ask how much money you want to spend on a moral victory.

I always describe my job as getting paid to pick a fight – but I also am quick to point out to a client when I’m the only one who is going to win that fight and I think it is that trait that truly makes our firm the Most Reliable Law Firm Ever!

Inga B. Andriessen
Sr. Lawyer