The Night Before Legal Pot in Canada

‘Twas the night before legal pot and all through the nation,

Big law firms were churning out Cannabis Policies and charging a fortune.

When what to small businesses’ eyes should appear, but a law  firm more practical,

They’ll take it from here.


OK, so we’re not poets, but honestly, all of the dramatic emails some law firms are sending around regarding the impact of legalization of recreational Cannabis is a bit much.

If your business already has a written Drug & Alcohol policy, then you’re likely already well covered in the workplace.  You are not allowed to work drunk, similarly, you are not allowed to work high.  It’s not rocket science.

Some firms are suggesting that employers require employees to advise if they are using medical Cannabis.  Really?  Are you also going to ask everyone to disclose when they are on Oxycotin, Percocet or a litany of other drugs that you’re not allowed to drive or use heavy machinery with?  The short answer is no, you’re not and medical Cannabis is a prescribed drug, just like the two others I named.

Some employers are concerned they need specific policies saying you cannot drive a company car while high on Cannabis.  Well, the Highway Traffic Act kind of already says that people – see what I mean about drama?

So.  To recap: legal pot does not mean it is legal to drive or work high.

Inga B. Andriessen, JD