The WFH Transition

How is everyone doing?  Is everyone social distancing and following the guidelines the government wants us to?  Are you working from home, or are you still essential service?  Do you have young ones at home that are now home schooled for the foreseeable future?  

It’s funny that we are to be social distancing, and yet social media has made it easy for all of us to check in on each other and ensure we are ok.

If you find yourself now working from home, how was that transition?  For us, there was really no transition period as we already had the majority of us set up and able to work from home, and this made the transition painless and I’m so thankful to be able to just “commute” down the stairs to get away from the family being at home.  I have all the programs required and can access to my work desktop virtually to log into work.  For some I’m sure it was a scramble to get everything working smoothly, and maybe you are still working out the kinks. 

How does the WFH look for you?  Do you have the privacy needed for you to be able to do you job?  I have a nice little office, close to a bathroom, and I have my kettle and French press set up close to me for my coffee.  I’ve really got a good thing going here.  This is my space, and no one enters my space. 

For our clients, rest assured and the same care is taken with your files as they are when we are “in the office”. 

I will end this blog with the same advice that we are getting from our government.  We are all in this together, we are all struggling together and take one day at a time, we will make it through this. 

Christine Allan, Law Clerk