This proposed change is NOT Gender Equality

The Globe & Mail reports today that:

“Laurel Broten, Ontario’s minister responsible for women’s issues, said Monday her government is working with the Ontario Securities Commission to find ways to compel companies to hire more women in senior positions.”

As a female Law Firm owner, who employs both men and women, I find it insulting to those of us women who are able to make our way in the business world without special help.

Our Law Society thinks women need special help too – apparently women cannot do what I ( a woman) have done without special help. It’s amazing I’ve made it 20 years without special help.

To be clear, I have never needed special rules to force clients to hire our firm, I simply ensure we do a good job and let our reputation speak for itself.

Women will fill the upper echelons of corporations once they decide that is their priority. However, many women are choosing different career paths and priorities: by the way, so are many men, and that is o.k.

So, dear Provincial Government, please allow companies to hire the best individuals for their positions, without regard to race, gender, etc. This actually does happen as shareholders want the best return on their investment and they don’t care what gender the person guiding those results is, they just want the results.

Equality means treating us all equally, not giving women special rules.

Inga B. Andriessen JD