To School or Not to School?

You may be considering pursuing a career in law, whether that be as a Lawyer, Paralegal, Law Clerk, or some of the various other positions available within the vast expansive field of Law.

Before you make the decision to spend your hard earned money (or lack thereof) and time on continuing or starting your education in the field of Law, you may want to consider actually working in a Law Firm first.

When I first applied to Andriessen & Associates, I was unsure if Law was a field in which I wanted to pursue a career. After I was hired and began working in the position of Receptionist/File Clerk, my interest was certainly piqued.

Shortly thereafter, I was offered the position of Legal Assistant and it was at that time that my interest in Law was no longer a passing fancy, but a full blow passion.

Since that time, I have actually been working full time and studying for the four ILCO exams in order to obtain my designation as Law Clerk, and have never been more satisfied in my professional life.

It was through actually working in a Law Firm that helped me not only confirm my desire to work in Law, but also provided me with the direction I wanted to pursue my career in.

So in short, not only will working in a Law Firm possibly ignite the desire to work in Law (or drown it completely), it may also provide you with direction to which career path you are most interested in. Additionally, it will also provide you with some practical knowledge that will supplement any education you choose to commence.

So, if you think Law may be the field for you, but have some reservations, working in a Law Firm could provide you with the answers you may be looking for.

Leah Dickie, Legal Assistant