To Screen, or Not to Screen? It is NOT a Question!

To be clear when we say “screen” we aren’t talking about movies or doors unfortunately.

The pandemic really has created a new normal, and with it a positive obligation on employers in stage 3 areas to screen all employees for COVID-19 symptoms. 

This mandatory screening should occur when the employee enters the workplace or worksite at the beginning of their day or shift.

Now that you know what you must do, you probably want to get to the part where we tell you the “how.”

Luckily, the screening required by the government isn’t actually asking a lot – like what we did there? In fact, you are only required to ask, in the very least, 8 questions set out by the government. These mandatory screening questions can be found at the following link from the Ministry of Health:

Just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. In fact, you can get creative with your screening by customizing your questions and screening method based on your business (so long as you are at least asking the 8 questions set out in the link above). For example, screening can be done by having your employees physically fill out forms or having them complete them electronically. Either way, the completed physical or digital forms should be kept by the employer as proof of the completed screening.

If an employee answers “yes” to even one of the 8 questions, they should not be allowed into the workplace. So, get screening!

And don’t forget if you need any help screening, even if it’s just movies (especially if its movies), give us a call and we can help with customizing your screening process.  

Robin K. Mann, Associate Lawyer