Toronto: it’s Uber hard to do business here

As a business law firm, we have a good amount of experience in the various rules and regulations Ontario cities require that businesses comply with in order to carry on business in those cities.

The worst city for red tape, delay and operating as if it is still in the 1950s is Toronto.  The cost to businesses as a result of the Toronto bureaucracy is enormous and incredibly frustrating to anyone looking to do business here.

As most people know, Uber has decided to take on Toronto and offer both its’ Uber and UberX service here.

If you have never Uberred then you have no idea how wonderful this service is.  I Uberred recently: I used the Ap to have a black car arrive, pick me up and drop me off, all without having to raise my hand, find change or wonder where it was (you track it on the ap).

This is so much better than hailing a cab in Toronto.  I have not had to do it often, however, my memories of hailing a cab include the cabbie not knowing where Queen’s Park was and the cabbie yelling at me for using my debit card (which the cab was equipped with).

Why is Toronto using tax payer’s money to take Uber to Court to try to shut it down in this city?  Could it be because the city is so ingrained in operating as if it is the 1950s that the thought of using technology to move forward is something it simply must shut down?

I know that the city licenses taxis and makes a nice chunk of change from doing that.  I appreciate they have “turf” to defend.  I do not accept the insurance argument they’re trying to advance when it comes to Uber.   I do, however, have concerns about the UberX Ride Share option and the insurance arguments there may be more valid.

The Mayor Elect has already spoken out in favour of Uber and I hope this is a sign of the direction this unnecessary battle will take after he is sworn in.

It’s time for Toronto to be open to business.

Inga B. Andriessen JD