We know what we're doing

Do you (without looking it up) know the percentage of your income that you would be required to pay as child support if you found yourself in a situation that you have to support a child? Neither do I and that’s a good thing, both from a personal perspective and a professional one.

Our firm is a Business Law Firm. We do not handle family, criminal, personal injury or anything that is not business related.

Business law is too complicated these days for a law firm to dabble – our clients benefit from our focused experience and the able to answer questions accurately, without a lot of research on “routine business issues” because we deal with these issues all the time.

I shudder when I hear new lawyers and frankly, even older lawyers, boast about practicing “Door Law”. What kind of law? That is the kind where, whatever problem walks through your door, you handle it.

If you call our firm seeking assistance in an area of law that is not Business Law, please do not be offended when we refer you to a lawyer who does handle that type of law. We know what we’re good at and it’s Business Law.

Inga B. Andriessen JD