We the North – let's do this Raptors!

I love Basketball.

Paul H. Voorn of our firm loves hockey. He also loves the Montreal Canadiens. We employ him anyway. He has suggested the Ontario Human Rights Code protects his right to cheer for the Habs … we don’t feel the need to test that.

Paul has frequently had the opportunity to cheer for his beloved Habs in the playoffs over the years. I have had the chance to cheer for the Raptors in the playoffs twice.

This Saturday I was thrilled to be at the first game of the playoffs vs. the Nets. I reflected back on the last playoff series they had and how different the game and the Toronto crowd has become.

When the Raptors first came to town, the crowd was much like a Leafs crowd: corporate, beige and disinterested. That quickly changed.

I love the current Raptor crowd. You can talk multi-culturalism all you want, but if you want to truly experience it, come to a Raptors game. We’re all there, side by side, from every corner of the earth (seriously, look at the front row on Saturday, you have Drake sitting next to a woman in an orange Sari, Superfan Nav Bhatia who proudly wears his Sikh turban and a petite blonde woman wearing cutting fashion) and we’re all united in our love and passion for the Raptors.

Yes, we lost the first game. However, we are still in this and it will be exciting to watch the rest of the series.

We the North.

Come join the Northern Uprising – next game is tonight!

Inga B. Andriessen JD