Why I'm glad I practice Business Law.

What a crazy week in the headlines – three matters jump to mind that make me grateful I’m a business law lawyer:

 Paris Hilton is being sued for wearing the wrong hair extensions. Really? Perhaps it’s just my advanced age, but I didn’t even realize she was wearing extensions, let along which brand. The lawyer who is suing on this one must have an eagle eye for hair products. I can only imagine the expert reports & cross-examinations at trial: Ms. Hilton, how would you describe your hair? Answer: Hot.

The second matter that has made the headlines is a Canadian case where a soon to be lawyer was awarded $ 6 million dollars in damages for injuries suffered while dancing with a co-worker. This has made me thankful our firm decided to pass on a Dance Off as this year’s summer fun day.

Finally … the Jet Blue flight attendant. This one could have landed on my desk if I practiced in the US and boy would it be fun.

However, in Canada, the flight attendant would no doubt sue for wrongful dismissal and if Jet Blue doesn’t have a written policy against swearing at passengers, stealing a beer & making the most awesome exit from a job ever, the Canadian Courts would likely award damages to the flight attendant for wrongful dismissal. In Canada, the recommended action would be writing the flight attendant a letter saying that this was bad behaviour and asking if they could help him through his anger issues and warning if it happens again he might be fired. If he did it again (and let’s face it, if you get away with that type of act, you’re going to do it again, or go one better) the second warning letter would have to warn that he would definitely be fired if it happens again, but how can Jet Blue help him. Finally, when he exits a third time (hopefully with something better than a beer as it would be his final exit) that would be the time he could be fired without Jet Blue worrying too much about being sued for wrongful dismissal.

Yes, I’m glad I’m a Business Lawyer in Canada, there is only so much craziness I can take and it generally flows out of a contract.