Work/Life Balance – is there such a thing?

It’s no secret, we are busy here at the office and while I would rather sit at my desk through lunch and work on those little things that are building up, or that one big thing that has to be done, I force myself (along with the one down the hall who sees everything) to take a break.

It’s part of that Work/Life balance that so many of us struggle with.  There are always excuses to work more than you should.  But we have to remember that we need to give ourselves a break, and make sure we enjoy the Life part of that balance.

With the way the things are these days, it’s so easy to take work home, and to always be connected to the office.  It’s not a bad thing really, as long as you know when it’s time to stop.  Trust me, I like to know what has gone on over the weekend and what I may be coming into on a Monday morning, but I don’t have to if I don’t want to.

As an employer you want the work to get done but recognize when employees are overworked and feeling overwhelmed.  At our office, our main focus is our health.  The healthier we are, the better we are for our clients.

It just doesn’t apply to employees, it’s the same for employers too.  We all need to take that time away from the office and time to be with family, or friends, and just be us.

I’ve been here for a long time and I take my job here seriously, so sometimes it is hard to step away.  But at the end of the day, I do want to keep coming to my job which is why sometimes, I just don’t look at my phone.

Now that the summer is coming and vacation is calling, I’m looking forward to that week where I’m completely unconnected in bear country and refocusing on that Work/Life balance.

Christine Allan, Law Clerk