Working with Contracts prepared by your Lawyers

Many of our clients retain our lawyers to draft contracts that they use on a daily basis in their business. We draft contracts for many industries ranging from commercial landlords to leasing companies to software developers and many others.

One of the key pieces of advice we give our clients when we give them the final version is do not “strike out” terms of the contract without consulting our firm. It can be very tempting for a client, when negotiating with a potential customer to agree to strike out one line in a contract we have prepared. However, many times that specific line has implications throughout the contract and by striking it out, you’ve lost the very advantage you hired our firm to create.

We always remind our clients it is far less expensive for us to prepare documentation, compared to the dollars spent on litigation. Don’t find yourself in litigation because you struck out a clause that now requires a Judge to interpret the overall contract. You’ll be kicking yourself if you do.

Inga B. Andriessen JD