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They no longer own that asset, is there anything I can do?

Doing your due diligence before entering into a contract or lease agreement with an individual or corporation can be beneficial in the long run.  It may seem mundane to double check their credit and making sure they actually own the house they say they do, but these mundane searches can be the evidence needed to

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Charging for your Time? Prove it!

People are freelancing more now than ever and has become a reality for many Canadians.   If you are a freelancer or provide your services by billing your clients for your time, make sure you record your time, or you may not get paid. At our firm, a large portion of our work is billed

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Imparting Wisdom, without sounding like a Jerk

The Law Society of Ontario’s Bencher’s elections are in full swing. There are many candidates, some running for specific causes and some running because they want the Law Society to have Benchers whose average year of call is not 27 years. So. That was interesting. I’ve been Called to the Bar 26 years. I’d like

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Time for Spring Cleaning – Law Firm Style

Spring has sprung so you know what that means – it’s time to Spring Clean, and no I don’t mean your house.    Now that winter is done (hopefully there won’t be anymore snow days), you should take a look at refreshing the office and dusting off those cobwebs, whether it be your home office

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Find A Good Ol’ Trustee Person to Act on Your Behalf

Who have you appointed as your power of attorney? How about the estate trustee in your will? People don’t often give enough thought to the appointment of their powers of attorney and the estate trustee for their wills. We won’t even get started about the people who don’t even give a thought to the need

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