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How does Spring Cleaning look in 2020

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since I’ve talked about Spring Cleaning for businesses.  Last year we touched on 4 main arears:  Reviewing Employee Agreements and Handbooks, Corporate Minute Books, Accounts Receivables and Estate Planning.  These are all very important and should be reviewed yearly, but how does this look for you

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Small Claims Court and COVID-19

2020: the year of living in strange times.  COVID-19 is wreaking havoc around the world with people trying to adapt to social distancing, and business trying to keep carrying on.  Small Claims Court is no different. Small Claims Court offices throughout Ontario were initially operating on a skeleton crew, where they were only accepting emergency

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Make Your Payments and Don’t Cry “Covid!”

Remember in elementary school when you realized that your teacher no longer bought your (clearly well thought out) excuse that your dog ate your homework? Similarly, you can’t rely on Covid-19 to make all of your financial obligations go away. If you owe money under a Judgment or a settlement agreement for example, you should

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Some Common Questions from Businesses as Ontario Starts to Re-Open

Our firm is starting to get some repeat questions as we inch (shouldn’t it be cm, as we’re Canadian) towards some kind of re-opening of the Ontario economy. As such, we’re happy to answer some of the most popular questions here: Can an employee refuse to return to work?  Provided the Employer has a workplace

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A Press Conference is Not a Law: We Need the Details

Our firm has been working non-stop since the Pandemic arrived advising our clients on the various new pieces of legislation that impact them right now. The cycle of advice has fallen into a familiar rhythm: There are rumours of a Government program coming down the pipeline.  Clients call asking if we have heard the rumours. 

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