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Can A Repairer Assign it’s Lien Rights to a Party Who Paid For Those Repairs?

A client recently repossessed several vehicles due to multiple lease defaults and discovered that liens had been registered on title under the Repair and Storage Liens Act (the “RSLA”) and the Personal Property Security Act (the “PPSA”) by an organization that finances vehicle repairs. It was quite concerning when reviewing the Agreements that the lessees

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Virtual vs. In Person

Last week I wrote about changes to the virtual rules of etiquette for the Ontario Courts.  Virtual is better for many things, travel costs for clients, time involved waiting in person, etc., however, we’re going to lose out on some very important things we may not have considered as a profession. Don’t get me wrong,

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A Cup Too Far

The Ontario Superior Court has released Virtual Courtroom Etiquette Rules.   These Rules come into effect April 19, 2022.  Most of them make sense. For example, be on mute until your matter is called. Dress as if you were attending Court.  There is one Rule however that needs to be changed: (v) When appearing via video,

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Enforcement and Settlements

If you have read any of my past blogs, you know that one of my favorite things is finding debtors and garnishing their accounts or employment.  There is nothing better in my mind than this. It is even more enjoyable when a debtor is actively evading service and attempting to “hide” from our clients.  I

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Are You CASL Compliant?

It’s time to remind everyone of a little piece of legislation known as the Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL). This is not the first time we’ve mentioned CASL on our blog, and it definitely won’t be the last. Why? Because it’s important that everyone remains aware of its existence and the fact that it’s easy for businesses

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