A Few Thoughts on Timing

My last blog talked about changes and asking if you were ready.  We have undergone an election and there was no change there, so there is that.  We are now required to show proof of vaccination to enter certain places like restaurants, movie theaters, etc.  Were you ready for that? 

One change I do like is the change of summer to fall and the change in colour, fall is my favorite season and requires little preparation.

Speaking of seasons, as mentioned in my last blog, fall in the law firm is the season for clients to wake up from the summer slumber and get back to business.  This year was no different, and in all honesty, it was a whirlwind month.  It flew by.  It seems that Covid slowed everything down for a year and half and with everything opening back up and getting back to the “normal” that everyone wants, they realized that they “meant to take care of this earlier”. 

While most of the time forgetting to do something usually isn’t a big deal, what may be a big deal is forgetting a really important timeline like a Court ordered date, or a limitation period.  You may realize that the current lawyer you have isn’t really a good fit for you and want to change, which is completely your right to do so, but keep in mind any timelines and important due dates. 

For example, if you decide that your lawyer is not who you want to represent you for your Trial, you may want to make that decision earlier rather than later.  Two weeks before a Trial is not enough time for your new lawyer to get up to speed, unless of course you don’t want to win. 

While transferring a file is much easier in our digital world, it still is a lot of work to get a file transferred over, and reviewing the file completely to get ready for Trial especially if the matter has been ongoing for a number of years.  There is a lot involved in reviewing the file and preparing for a Trial.

So the only thing I want you take from this blog is to keep in mind that you need to be fair to everyone involved and give everyone some time.   

Christine Allan