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Why Use Andriessen & Associates?

We like working with businesses. We enjoy hearing your vision and helping you achieve it. Our flat fees for most services let you ask all the questions you have, without worrying about the tic toc of an hourly rate clock. This makes sure you’re getting legal advice based on the whole picture and not just what you can afford to blurt out in a short time frame.

When it comes to law suits, we do our best to get you actual money, not a paper judgment.  We move law suits forward as quickly as possible and always look to get you the best result, in the most cost effective way.  

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Andriessen & Associates

Is a Business law firm located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are experienced lawyers who provide one stop Business legal advice, from drafting documents to aggressive litigation. Most of our services are on a flat fee basis, to allow Businesses to budget for legal work.

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