Lawyer/Client Confidentiality – Protecting it in the age of Google

Have you seen the Microsoft Gift Shop Mugs yet? They say “Keep Calm while We Steal your Data”.

As a lawyer the thought of someone stealing my data is a bigger problem that the mug suggests.

As a lawyer, everything my client and I discuss is confidential (yes, there are exceptions, but hey, this is a Blog, not Law School, so get over yourself).

As a lawyer practicing in 2013 I use email to communicate with my clients. I backup my files and I have an accounting package that offers online support. Lawyer/client confidentiality is impacted in each of the about three areas.

Our firm protects our clients’ confidentiality by:

1. Ensuring our email servers are Canadian based and not subject to the USA Patriot’s Act surveillance;
2. Ensuring our backup servers are in Canada for the same reason as number 1, and;
3. Never emailing data files to PCLaw’s Philippine support center for analysis. (this used to be a Canadian Company, with Canada support – yes, we’re looking for a new legal accounting provider in light of the support center move off shore).

How seriously does your lawyer take your privacy?

Does your lawyer understand the internet/email and data services s/he uses well enough to ensure your data is protected?

Ask some questions and if you don’t like the answer, you know where we are … or you could Google us.

Inga B. Andriessen JD