We're Business Lawyers. We're here for you.

Seven years ago, I decided I didn’t like the way I have traditionally answered the question: “What do you do?”    My answer to that point had been “I”m a corporate/commercial lawyer”.

If you were not a lawyer, this response generally led to blank stares and for those brave enough, the follow up question “what is that?”

So, seven years ago I decided to lead with my strength, which is taking complicated issues and making them simple. As a result, I branded our firm Business Lawyers and there have been a lot fewer blank stares.

Corporate/Commercial Law is a technical definition.  It is a Law School definition and one that we boring lawyer types understand – but it does not embrace the energy of what we really do: we’re business lawyers.

Our firm is now made up of Business Litigators and Business Transaction lawyers. I personally litigate about 70% of the time. Harman Toor, will be joining us July 4, 2017 as a litigator and we are really excited to have him start. Murray Brown, our paralegal handles Small Claims matters for our business clients in an efficient and flat fee manner.

As a Business Transaction lawyer, Michelle Eames of our firm advises businesses on all aspects of their work – from start up to wind up and the fun parts in between, including contracts, commercial leasing and corporate wills. For 30% of my time, I handle contracts, leases and Trademark registrations – the building up stuff, instead of the tearing down stuff of litigation .

Everyone in our firm is business focused and excited to work with companies to help them achieve the goals they have set out for themselves. So, looking for a Business Law firm? Look no further, because we’re right here.

Inga B. Andriessen, JD