Andriessen & Associates Lunch and Learn

We’ve rolled out a new service for clients that has met with a considerable degree of success; so much so that we’re planning on expanding it in the coming months. Combining two of my favourite things – eating and getting free legal advice – our Lunch and Learn series focuses on getting small groups of clients into our office to talk about areas of law specific to their interest.

The intimate lunchtime gathering is the perfect setting. Instead of sitting and listening to a lawyer drone on about the law, the atmosphere is much more give and take and we get to talk about the real world business application of the law. It’s a good place to find workable solutions for our clients. And it’s a good place for us to find out what our clients are doing in their day to day operations – we do as much learning as anyone.

Inga had the opportunity to speak about our 30-60-90 Sue™ philosophy to a few groups recently and it was very well received – to some clients, the idea of getting paid for the work they did was somewhat revelatory – to others, it just tweaked the good habits that they already had.

Paul Voorn will be hosting a Lunch and Learn soon on Construction Lien Act considerations. If you perform any construction services or have an interest in commercial property, this event will be enormously beneficial to you.

I’m planning a complete corporate compliance Lunch and Learn in the coming weeks that will deliver a broad overview of the current legislative scheme and a focus on what smaller businesses really need to concentrate on in terms of legal compliance.

Also in the pipeline, some litigation-oriented events, focusing on the stages of a lawsuit, as well as some specific corporate events.

If you have any ideas for a topic that you’d like to see covered, or want to attend one of the lunches I’ve mentioned, please drop us a line.

Scott R. Young