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And Justice For All?

We hear a lot about Access to Justice in the news and how lower income individuals cannot afford to litigate in Ontario.   That is a problem.  That is not the topic of this Blog. This Blog is about the frustration of dealing with judicial officials who make off handed comments that corporations, some of them

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Is Your Interest Rate Enforceable?

When you invoice your client, do you indicate what the interest rate for late payments is? Did your client accept this interest rate as a term of your engagement? Is the interest rate on your invoice a monthly or annual rate? These are all important questions to ask yourself if you sue a client for

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A Year after the Construction Act in Ontario

Now that the changes have been in effect for over a year, let’s discuss the July 1, 2018 changes to the Construction Act, formerly the Construction Liens Act, to see how everyone is making out.  One thing to keep in mind is that if the contract was entered into before July 1, 2018, the previous

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The Problem with Scheduling Civil Court Matters in Ontario

Are you reading this on your phone?  While reading this did you get a phone call from someone asking if you can meet next week?  Did you check your calendar on your phone, say yes and then book that into your phone? Maybe you read this at the office.  While in the office you received

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What’s My Jurisdiction Got To Do With It?

Are you doing business with a party outside of Ontario? Are they drafting the Agreement? Have you read it? We mean, have you really read it? While we could write a book about the number of things you need to look out for before signing a commercial contract, today’s focus will be on two specific,

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Back to School, Back to Business

Ah, the day after Labour Day.  It used to mean new teachers & new school supplies, but these days, as a business lawyer, it means our clients are now focussing on their business and finally getting back to the things we recommended they do back in June. Some of the common things business reach out

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