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It’s Not Bullying, It’s Litigation

Ontario’s Civil Court system is an adversarial system.  This means lawyers on opposite side of the case are paid to put forward opposite points of view.   This means the lawyers will disagree.  They can do so civilly, but at the end of the day, they are paid to be adversaries. Recently, I’ve had a couple

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What Makes Andriessen & Associates So Great ?

I was recently in Court and a very large Toronto law firm brought a Motion to reinstate an action that had been dismissed for delay. The Defendant argued that not only should the action remain dismissed for delay, it should remain dismissed for the Plaintiff’s failure to produce documents they were ordered by not one,

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Ignorance Isn’t Bliss if Your Being Sued

Have you or your company been served with a Statement of Claim? If so, this means exactly what you think it means – you my friend, are being sued. Whether you are being sued by a client, vendor, or another business, this will not go away on its own. It may be that you didn’t

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Can a Law Clerk do Everything?

We always do what we can to keep fees down for the client and we have mentioned it time and time again about our flat fees.  As much as we try to keep fees less surprising for our clients, there are just some areas where there can be no compromise.  For instance, the majority of

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Holiday Ho Ho Ho

The holiday season is here and from the paranoid, Scrooge McDuck Laywer point of view, this brings a lot of potential liability into your Business. Let’s start off with this Blog title.  Ho Ho Ho is only o.k. in the workplace if it is in reference to Santa’s laugh.  It is not o.k. to walk

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Big News in Small Claims Court!

In 2010, the Ontario Government increased the monetary limit of the Small Claims Court from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00. On January 1, 2020 the monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court will increase to $35,000.00 as the Government believes this will help resolve more matters expeditiously and reducing the number of matters proceeding in Superior Court.

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