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Voting – Does it Really Matter

The last few weeks have been interesting in Ontario, especially in Toronto with the selection of the party who is going to represent our Province. Wait, I said party.  Is that correct?  It seems that no matter where you turn, no one is happy with who the next Premier is.  I have to keep reminding

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The Benefits of Teaching

I recently had lunch with a colleague who often teaches a University class.  While I have yet to teach an entire semester, I do enjoy speaking to classes as a guest speaker and I enjoy working with Law Practice Program Candidates and High School students in my role as OJEN-Halton Chair. We both shared similar

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Consumer vs. Bell Canada. Consumer Wins!

A recent decision from the Toronto Small Claims Court involving verbal contracts and the enforcement of those contracts has the potential to change the way consumers deal with corporations in Ontario. David Ramsay contacted Bell Canada and entered into a verbal contract with Bell for its services through their Call Centre.  The price was fixed

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So you’re applying for a “law job”

Our firm is currently going through the second round of interviews for our jr litigator/solicitor position.  As the position is a junior position, we were overwhelmed (almost) with applications and had to whittle them down for the first round interview process. Through this “whittling” process, I found recurring “themes” in applications that led me to

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